02 June 2014

Hystery, a magazine or a work of art?

BY: Hystery

Hystery, a magazine or a work of art? The answer is easy but also bewildering, being a magazine with totally unpublished art inside. Robert Gligorov, creator of the format, has always chosen the road of provocation not for its own sake, with the awareness of who understands the power of communication and creativity; an artist that is well aware how information and art, if used wisely, pushes for reflection and stirs drowsy brains.

As Gligorov himself defines it, Hystery is a really genuine magazine. But it is also an artistic operation that raises new problems and challenges. In the first edition, all the pieces of work (about sixty unpublished pieces), have been produced by the artist of Macedonian origin with the contribution of other artists and photographers and some pictures are paired to thoughts and reflections.

Gligorov has chosen the word “hystery” – actually a neologism – because it is a combination of various words: history (hystory), hyster (meaning uterus) and ysteria (hysteria). In the background the image of an “hysterised” era, in which the scream released does not become a warning but a constructive jolt.

After having designed the catalogue of his retrospective Spoleto entitled Transfiguration, Gligorov has pondered over his work of the last fifteen years. The magazine has, therefore, become an obligatory transition, being a more inclined way of experimentation. The idea is that of involving professionals or students from academies to contribute in the future editions, starting from the assumption that the creation of a film, a record, a newspaper, are always and anyway collective operations. And the team, unlike the single author, puts into play a more critical sense.

“Il rock is no longer culture. Music unites but does not have the power to provoke dreaming. Art is a growing means, it reaches everyone and is one of the few bastions of freedom of expression in circulation. Removing the radical chic environment, that uses art as “cultural air time”, the world of youth that is pressing has the energy to impose its talent and desire for novelty. Gligorov’s words that perfectly express the spirit, the sense and the purposes of this new project. Hystery, written in English and will be distributed in a dozen countries around the world, with an editorial planning of three editions a year.

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